On the 8th of June 1998, Radio Tambrin was founded by Tobagonians George and Carol Leacock and took to the airwaves as the first Radio Station in Tobago and has been flying high ever since! Prior to Tambrins take off, it had been difficult for the people of Tobago to be informed of what was actually happening on the island. The only sources of information or even community dialogue were through the grapevine, the bush telegraph or word-of-mouth.

Radio Tambrin changed all that; No more talking drums, as it were, Tobago was now able to pick up its own Tambrin ( -- Tobago dialect for a tambourine) and dance to its own beat.

Radio Tambrin airs news broadcasts, call-in and discussion programmes (especially Wake up, Tobago on weekday mornings from 6.45 am our time), sports reports and music throughout the day and night, 24/7. Tambrins DJs interact with their listeners and the wide-ranging music mix is what their Tobago audience appreciates.

So now you know more about us, go to our livestream on this website and enjoy being in Tobago, as it were, listening to what Tobago is listening to and enjoying right now.

Yours Truly
George & Carol Leacock